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Craig H. Neilsen (1941-2006) was an American entrepreneur known for his attention to detail, uncompromising demand for excellence, and an ability to inspire those around him. In his personal life, he became known for his generosity, leading by example with his charitable giving.

Our research project has been funded by the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation.

The vision of the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation is such that individuals with spinal cord injuries, and those who care for them, live full and productive lives as active participants in their communities.

In the words of his son, Ray Neilsen, “Though my dad’s lifestyle had been altered considerably after his accident, his ambition intensified. For the next two decades, his vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and inexhaustible passion only escalated.”

Craig lived a full and prosperous life post-injury, one that exceeded all expectations. The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation brings his spirit of resiliency and drive for greatness to everything the Foundation touches to improve the lives of those affected by SCI.